Friday, January 27, 2023

DoorDash glitch leads to hundreds of free food orders

Tequila, crab legs, flat-screen TVs, Plan B, and other goodies. For a brief, wonderful moment Thursday night, the DoorDash glitch allowed consumers to request thousands of dollars in free deliveries.

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Customers utilized the online delivery platform to make ludicrous orders at local restaurants and other businesses for free as word of DoorDash’s blunder spread quickly on social media. 

One Facebook user shared a receipt for more than $20,000 in seafood, while another shared the box for a new TV and four wireless controllers.

According to the New York Post, a spokeswoman for DoorDash verified the “payment processing glitch” that allowed consumers to make orders without a payment method for a brief period Thursday evening.

After being alerted, they stated that they have rectified the problem and are already canceling purchases and contacting impacted businesses.

“We strive to provide the finest level of service to the communities we serve,” the official stated. “We sincerely regret any trouble this has caused.”

Though DoorDash’s future steps are unknown, others foresee a severe reaction, including the impending receipt of painful-but-predictable invoices for individuals who took advantage of the susceptible interface.

While DoorDash claims it would refund businesses for illegitimate orders, one dasher called out consumers who did not take advantage of the option to leave big tips. “So y’all had a Doordash bug where you can grab everything you want for free and nobody thought to start tipping workers $1,000+?” commented another user.

Finally, many people on social media regretted missing out on the DoorDash problem, and some are hoping that their favorite services may encounter a lapse in payment processing soon.

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