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Journey Management Software: Everything You Need To Know

Give your staff the resources they need to get support whenever and wherever they need it. Journey Management software gives you complete insight over your mobile team, enabling you to act fast in an emergency and keep your employees safe while driving.

JMS extends the capabilities of enterprise resource planning (ERP) by providing the ability to effectively automate the process of managing journeys, and assignments. This is done by immediately identifying costs, assigning expenses, and distributing rewards to managers for a variety of easily-defined tasks.

JMS effectively automates journey management and risk assessment. In this article, we have covered the following topics to make it easy for you to choose the best journey management software.

  • What is Journey Management?
  • Potential Risks While Traveling
  • The Objective of Journey Management Planning
  • The Best Journey Management Software
  • Conclusion

What is Journey Management?

Journey management enacts procedures and practices to keep employees safe as they travel. Journey management can take care of the security requirements of workers who don’t just drive for work but also travel by other means, including flying or taking public transportation.

A thorough plan outlining the various safety dangers and risks that the worker may experience on their “journey” is the first step toward successful journey management. 

Consider any safety hazard that can endanger the employee, just like you would on a job site, and record it. Once the threats have been identified, create safety methods and practices to mitigate them.

Potential Risks While Traveling

What kinds of safety risks can employees experience when traveling for work? When traveling, potential safety concerns include:

  1. Accidents involving motor vehicles.
  1. Risky road conditions.
  1. Severe weather.
  1. Vehicle malfunction or damage.
  1. Wildlife mishaps.
  1. Tiredness when driving.

Other modes of transportation, like flying, involve different risks based on the circumstances and goal of the journey.

The Objective of Journey Management Planning

When traveling, smart planning increases your chances of reaching safely. Your risk will grow and you’ll have a higher probability of getting into an accident if you don’t plan your journey properly.

In compliance with HSE regulations, a Journey Management Plan is a regular approach for organizing and carrying out road transport journeys with the goal of arriving safely.

The Best Journey Management Software

JESI is the best and most user-friendly journey management software. With a few simple steps, you can keep track of your remote workers with the JESI mobile safety app. Simply enter a character while checking in on any phone with SMS capabilities to follow your workers’ whereabouts in the field in real time.

Your remote employees’ safe arrival at the workplace would be reported to you by the JESI journey management software. By assuring the security of the firm’s traveling employees and adhering to HSE regulations, you and the journey managers of your organization will be at ease.

To request a free demo of JESI Journey Management Software, click here.

JESI provides a smart platform for businesses and industries to manage their resources, everyday procedures, and employee safety.

You can contact your lone workers by using JESI. The JESI desktop or mobile apps allow you to start and manage journeys. You can search through the previous travels and circumstances of your lone employees using the JESI journey management system to facilitate an incident investigation.

The Advantages of JESI Journey Management Software

There are several benefits of using JESI Journey Management Software. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Automate planning, approval, and supervision to save time.
  1. Journey plans can be quickly planned, analyzed, and approved.
  1. JESI mobile app lets you manage trips while on the road.
  1. Utilize automated data collection and occupational health and safety documentation to be ready for auditing and quality assurance inspections.
  1. With pre-approved travel arrangements, approval processes can be sped up.
  1. Utilize a single, user-friendly, real-time platform to access anything you require.


Any employee may experience stress when traveling, regardless of the distance. The employee’s safety and convenience while traveling for work should be the primary goal of the journey management plan.

Being able to keep track of your remote employees on the go is now easier than ever. JESI is a reliable and user-friendly software for journey management.

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