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Latest Update about the guy accused of shooting Shinzo Abe. Tetsuya Yamagami, who is he?

Police in Japan have opened a murder investigation into the killing of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but little is known about the suspect who was apprehended at the site on Friday.

Doctors at Nara Medical University Hospital declared Abe, 67, dead at 5:03 p.m. local time on Friday, a little over five hours after he was shot while giving a campaign speech in front of a small audience on a street.

Who is the accused?

Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, confessed to shooting Abe at a press conference on Friday, Nara Nishi police said. Yamagami, who is jobless, told detectives that he has ill will against a certain organization that he believes Abe is associated with.

The group has not been identified by police. According to police, Yamagami is being probed as a “suspect for murder” in an investigation that has 90 detectives assigned to it.

On Sunday morning, he was escorted to the Nara District Prosecutor’s Office.

Yamagami was regarded as a “completely regular” and “earnest” guy by at least two persons who dealt with him, according to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency.

According to Kyodo News Agency, he was employed via a dispatch agency in October 2020 to work in the freight department of a plant in Kyoto prefecture, citing an anonymous “previous senior colleague.”

Yamagami was described by a former coworker as someone who kept to himself.

“He would respond if it was about work, but not about his personal life. He appeared to be well-mannered “According to Kyodo News Agency, the former colleague stated. Yamagami, according to the former colleague, would “eat lunch alone in his car” and “conversations with him never strayed beyond the topic at hand.”

According to Kyodo News Agency, the former colleague stated that there were no problems with Yamagami for the first six months of his employment until he began to exhibit “gradual neglect” of work practices.

Yamagami began taking “unauthorized time off” in March, citing “heart troubles” and other bodily ailments, although having no prior issues with timeliness or attendance. His employment ended on May 15, according to the agency.

According to the Kyodo News Agency, an anonymous dispatch agency employee who interviewed Yamagami for the position characterized him as “completely normal,” but noted that he “didn’t talk much” and “had a little dismal vibe about him.”

What sort of weapon was used?

According to police, the suspect fired a handmade pistol during the incident, and photographs from the site revealed what seemed to be a weapon with two cylindrical metal barrels wrapped in black tape.

Authorities seized numerous handcrafted pistol-like things from the suspect’s residence later.

According to authorities, the weapon was a gun-like device 40 centimeters (approximately 16 inches) long and 20 cm broad.

On the ground, is what seems to be a makeshift weapon near where a security officer apprehended a suspect on July 8, in Nara, Japan.

Yamagami built a variety of firearms out of iron pipes coated in adhesive tape, according to NHK, Japan’s official broadcaster. The cops discovered firearms with three, five, and six iron pipes used as barrels.

According to NHK, the guy loaded ammunition into his homemade pistol, pieces of which he purchased online. According to NHK, police think the suspect used his most powerful weapon in the crime.

What was the suspect’s strategy?

According to the Japanese public broadcaster NHK, the suspect first planned to assassinate Abe with explosives.

Yamagami had intended to murder Abe during an event in Okayama, a prefecture roughly three hour’s drive from Nara, according to NHK.

According to NHK, he told detectives, “I was thinking of murdering the previous prime minister there (Okayama), but I observed that there were entry processes at the entrance and I believed it would be tough to get in.”

Nara police told CNN on Saturday that Yamagami was seen exiting the Yamato-Saidaiji Station in Nara after arriving by train on Friday.

How have the security forces responded?

At the time of the incident, Abe was campaigning for candidates from the governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) ahead of Upper House elections on July 10.

Despite quitting as Japan’s prime minister in 2020 owing to health concerns, Abe remained a powerful player in the country’s political scene and campaigned for the LDP.

According to NHK, Japan’s National Police Agency said it would assess security measures put in place before Friday’s incident. Nara prefectural police were in charge of security when the former prime minister was in town, and they devised a security plan for him.

NHK stated that several hundred Tokyo Metropolitan police officers and security staff were on duty and had apparently monitored Abe from all angles throughout his address.

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